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How to mount NTFS partition on Ubuntu

Recently I had problem with my NTFS partition on Ubuntu 16.10. The problem was I couldn't copy file to it and also Insync (great cross-platform client for Google Drive) was creating duplicated directories because it couldn't edit those directories.

Another symptom was unability to set execute bit. Well, without root privileges.

Solution is actually simple. First unmount your parition with sudo umount /path/to/your/partition. Then you have to change your /etc/fstab file. Just add uid, gid parameter on the line with your ntfs partition with the value 1000. I have also added umask with the value 022 paramater as you can see on the image (partition /media/D).

fstab file in vim

Parameter uid means your user id. You can find it with command id -u. Parameter gid is - as you already suspect - for group id. You can find it with id -g. By default it's 1000. umask is mask for your directories and files permission.

So the final line with your looks like this:

UUID=782B9DA75524938A /media/D        ntfs    defaults,umask=022,uid=1000,gid=1000 0

Don't forget to save your file and reboot or mount your partition back with sudo mount /path/to/your/partition.

Do you have any questions? Write it down in the comments.


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